Color: Luminous yellow, abundance of fine and persistent bubbles.
Bouquet: fresh and sweet as fruit. Pierced by a mineral streak, nuts and bread essence.
Taste: extreme freshness. Beautiful acid trail supported by a superb structure.


Excellent as an aperitif sparkling wine, exceptional with raw food, fish, baked fish and shellfish.


Виноградная лоза: Грилло 100%

Происхождение: Поселок Вирци, Монреале, Палермо

Расположение: North-East

Альтиметрия: 400 н.у.м.

Почва: По гранулометрическому составу песчано-глинистая

Метод культивации: простой Guyot

Плотность посадки: 5000 растений/гектар

Год посадки: 2000

Сбор урожая: Август

Урожайность: 35 гектолитров/гектара

Винификация: Temperature controlled fermentation in steel vats, after 12 months slow fermentation in bottle following the traditional method.
During 30 months bottles remain stacked (42 months from the harvest) ensuring a distinct bouquet due to contact and autolysis of yeasts. After disgorgement, 10 ml of Chardonnay are added, and the classic method continues a further refinement in the cellar for some months.

Емкость: 75 сл.

  • Мои размышления

Enrica Spadafora, it's not only a classic method Nature, above all she's my daughter and this is what she writes in the back label:

Thank you Dado for dedicating these bubbles to me.

They remind me of the sea and as I stare at the glass they give me peace.

We always toast for important, unique and special things, as like the both of us!!

Your daughter Enrica

Nothing else than Nature could be!

Francesco Spadafora