Отзывы О Нас

8 Май 2013




Owner Francesco Spadafora fondly remembers his visits as a boy to his family farm in Virzì, a neighborhood of the town of Camporeale. His father, Pietro, a friend of Diego Planeta, offered to let the IRVV use his winery for his experimental vinifications. The IRVV was there from 1990 to 2000. Spadafora recalls his excitement at being in the crucible of the transformation of the Sicilian wine industry. “Here wine changed”, he declared. The experience added intellectual structure to his attachment to the place and fondness for agricultural like. By the late 1980’s Spadafora found himself devoting his time to the vineyards at Virzì. He started the wine estate in 1988 when his meters (820 feet) with sand-dominant soil. Though he helped to establish the Monreale DOC with Mirella Tamburello, he bottles all his wines under the Sicilia IGT. Spadafora brings the passion and energy of a small winegrower to his banner wine, the 100 percent Syrah Sicilia IGT Sole Dei Padri.  His other notable wines are Grillo and Schietto Cabernet Sauvignon, both Sicilia IGT. The Don Pietro red and white Sicilia IGT blends are consistently satisfying."


Bill Nesto MW, and Frances Di Savino, The World of Sicilian Wine. University of California Press, 2013.