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Birds graze on the Company organic fields
Birds graze on the Company organic fields

What do we mean at Spadafora with ‘organic or natural wine’?

I feel the need to underline once again what we mean with ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ wine, because the common stereotype is that, being wines considered ‘extreme’ they are subject to olfactory flaws or oxidation, subsequently considered extremely peculiar or even bad wines.

Our Company cultivates the Land according to organic standard and applies the vinification protocol established for organic wines.

Our protocol includes spontaneous fermentation, with no use of selected yeasts; we don’t use sulfur dioxide during fermentation, but after malolactic only, a modest quantity for just few wines.

All of this must not disregard the point that the wine needs to be good, not reduced, pleasing to the palate and keeping all the scents and features of the original grapes.

We communicate to the consumer that those are the features of our organic wines and we find it funny when we notice the expression of surprise on people’s face when we tell them that they belong to the ‘extreme’ category.

The category of the bottle or the history of the Company merely certifies that you have all the features of a so called organic wine, but the actual quality of the wine is something different.

We are not a conventional Company, we produce under organic regime and we are glad that the product is good, that amaze people for all the above mentioned reasons.

Francesco Spadafora


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