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The wines gender
The wines gender

The gender of the wine is never the same. Often it changes, according on our own gender or where we live. Controversial topic and debated since old times.

This may help us understand how can picking a wine or another can influence our mood.

For example, we can say that on a date, the same Syrah can totally change its emotive impact if we drink it under a 35° sun or in front of a fireplace. Warm in both ways, but definitely different.

The place where we drink it will be influent as much as the grape we choose.

Syrah can be a charming woman but a strong man as well.

Merlot can be a voluptuous woman or a narcissist man.

Chardonnay is both a woman in a flower field and a smiling man.

Grillo is a laughing woman but also a man who drinks to forget.

Nero d’ Avola is a woman enjoying life, and a man who thinks he knows everything as well.

I think is very important picking the right bottle, considering where are you and who are you with, ‘cause it’d be a terrible choice if a Chardonnay played the part of a Nero d’Avola.

Sometimes we think we can find compromises but this is not true for our senses.


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