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August and everything after
August and everything after

We were born to deal with liquid emotions. You wake up in the morning, look out the window, then turn on the PC to check the weather, because maybe what you see is not a hundred percent accurate. You also take a look at tomorrow forecasts, maybe the next three days, but no more than that, you don’t trust it too much.
You check the time they updated the information and then open the door and check if it rained.
You take a look at the dog fur, who stares back at you like someone who wished you spent the whole night out with him, or maybe together indoor, instead of hearing you say he has a very clean fur.
The ashtray on the outdoor table, you check it to understand if it’s humid, wet or filled with water; you plunge a finger in the nearby ground and figure out that you need rubber boots to walk on it.
At that point you start asking yourself the reason of what happened or try to guess what is going to happen next, making comparisons with the previous year but in the end the unavoidable conclusion: "there is nothing we can do about it".
You head to the cellar and finally start dealing with another kind of liquid, white, rosé or red, tasting it with nose, mouth and brain, thinking back about August rain and the scents that once again appears to be new.
You listen to music, you listen to it inside the glass, and then when in the end you solved all the doubts that keep you awake during the night, like many others individuals, you are ready to get back home and check the weather again; suddenly a downpour hits you right in the head. You run to the door, and look scornful at the umbrella, thinking "perfect timing, isn’t it?" just one minute later and I would have been dry and in front of my chimney.
Well, once again, there is nothing we can do about it. "There is nothing we can do about it" is the typical seraphic answer, when we realize that you cannot control many things in your life. But, in case is too much, we always have our white, rosè and red friends.


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