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The importance of being Earnest
The importance of being Earnest

It is time for answers. Holidays are over, we shared moments, now there is a physiological time when you have to stop, and write down the new year resolutions. Being earnest.
It seems trivial, but the first thought goes to yourself, who you are, what your name is and what responsibility you have towards people who know you or, in this case, drink you!
In the answers to these questions is hidden the real meaning of our actions and choices.
We do really keep in mind the responsibility we have towards people who knows us (drink us) and that’s why we are not afraid to work the way we do, with no regrets.
I am John Doe, I’m on my way to Virzì, I am driving to the estate and I admire the green surrounding me.
I finally get to the cellar, I see everyone is busy, except the owner, the producer. I am told he is in the vineyard pruning with the other workers. I feel comfortable here already.
I wait for the owner to come back and I see a man, with scissors, wool hat, heavy clothes and working boots, with a huge smile and I feel warmer and warmer here.
He gets rid of all the extra heavy clothes and I follow him inside the cellar where the employers are waiting for him to taste the wines and remove all doubts; during the tasting he asks me: ‘’How come you came here to find us, even if we are not in the regular tour time?’’.
The answer is only one: drinking your wines I perceived the attention for what you do, and I wanted to meet the one who is responsible for all this.
We are all John Doe, and we thank him personally, for he gave a meaning to all our efforts.


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