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The story of a freshly-pruned branch
The story of a freshly-pruned branch

I am a branch. Or rather, I was a branch. That’s because for this year I managed to achieve my goal: giving away some bunches that made a wine, no matter which one, the important thing is that I contributed in producing that marvelous liquid that will end up in someone’s glass. I made sure that the never ending fable, of a branch becoming wine, could go on and on.

Today a new story begins, I will no longer be a FORMER branch but once again I’ll be a cradle for the new buds, someone will prune me, and honestly I don’t care who, the only important thing is that he, or she, will have the common sense to help those buds become grapes and make the whole cycle happen again and again.

I feel like home here, because the people taking care of me, from the branch to the wine, are the same people who took care of my ancestors, creating the wines that already made a lot of people happy.


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