Colour: deep purple-red.
Bouquet: hints of berries.
Taste: rich and incisive. Balanced tannins.


Roasts, game and non-spicy cheese.


Varietal: Syrah 100%

Origin: Contrada Virzì, Monreale, Palermo
Map Sheet 142

Exposure: North, North-Est

Altitude: 250-350 m above sea level

Soil: Sandy-clay

Training system: Simple Guyot espalier

Density: 5,000 plants per hectare

Year of planting: 1996

Harvest: End of August

Yield: 40 hl/hectare

Vinification and ageing: Spontaneous fermentation on a pied de cuve of our grapes, without sulfur dioxide, in cement vats. Up to 20 days of temperature controlled maceration.

Ageing: 1 year in barrel for 50% and the rest in the cement, then 12 months in bottle.

Capacity: 75 cl. - 150 cl.

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This bottle of Syrah is included in the Schietto line, a line of single varietals, and is therefore 100% Syrah. It is structurally very different from the first one, with the red label. We produce 12,000 bottles of it.

Syrah is grown in different ways in the winery, depending on the intended use for the grapes, so these grapes come from a sunnier area than the first but have quite a different plant yield, in order to ensure a concentration that will make this wine ready to rest a year in small oak barrels, which have been previously used for our third Syrah.

It is remarkable how we started producing this bottle. When I planted several plots of Syrah in 1996, I thought I would only produce two different types, each with quite different characters and characteristics: the first as a wine bar wine and the second more structured, with a non-invasive transition due to the wood. And this is what I did.

At the time of winter tasting, I realized that a different wine had been produced from a small tank, whose grapes were from a single plot, and this was put aside in order to become the third Syrah, namely, our reserve, while the rest became Schietto Syrah.

It is an important but, at the same time, gentle Syrah, with hints of berries that make it elegant. This wine is produced every year, even if the reserve is not guaranteed.

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