l'Olio di Kiki

l'Olio di Kiki

Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical procedures.

This is an unfiltered olive oil characterized by the presence of olive micro particles that give a whole organoleptic quality and a mild and normal sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

Legumes, vegetables and grilled fish and meat.


Olive variety: Nocellara del Belice 100%

Altitude: 250 m above sea level

Harvesting system: By hand

Extraction System: Cold continuous

Appearance: Slightly hazy

Colour: Deep green

Aroma: Green olive, grassy

Flavour: Fruity, herbaceous, slightly spicy

Capacity: 50 cl.

  • My thoughts

This is the last card of the last product in the wine list, but is certainly not the least in terms of importance. I love producing oil, but unfortunately I don't make very much.

The olive tree is as much a part of the land as the vineyard and producing oil is like when I cook pasta with raw tomatoes and fresh basil in the summer. It does not ferment; once it is pressed, it is left to settle and then, with the new year, it is bottled. It does not go into reduction as with some wines, but is immediately ready for use. It is currently the only bottle we produce, and on the label there is a reference to my lovely daughter Enrica, aka Kiki. I have written: "Little Kiki, my daughter, chose this as a condiment for her food", and I don't know why, but I always considered this bottle of oil to be her very own.