The History

Spadafora is a noble Sicilian family whose first historical records date back to 1230. During the centuries, the House dominated over five principalities, a dukedom, two marquisates, a shire and twenty-five baronies. Some of the members of the Family had prestigious offices during the ‘Regno di Sicilia’ and in some European Countries.

The founder of Azienda Agricola Spadafora is Don Pietro Spadafora, who inherited the estate from the uncle Michele De Stefani, talented farmer and racehorse breeder.

The estate was damaged by the 1968 earthquake, but Don Pietro manages to rebuild and redevelop the company, retraining the autochthonous vines and bringing to Sicily international grapes, for high quality wines.

The current owner is Francesco Spadafora, son of Don Pietro, married with his wife Claudia and accompanied by his daughter Enrica.

Family Tree

The history of the Spadafora bottled wine starts more than 30 years ago, during the 1988 summer, when my father chose to explore another world. From the countryside of Mussomeli, where we cultivated grain in inland Sicily, I moved to Virzì to take care of the vineyards and transform grapes into wine. Immediately, I immediately felt enthusiast about this new project, trying to guess what my father would have liked and what could I do.

After many tastings and attempts, in 1993 I decide to vinify with my Land grapes exclusively and I produced the first bottle, named after my father: Don Pietro.
Behind this bottle lies my world and my Land, here is where I chose to live. I am sure that if my father was still here, he would be right beside me. And then, there is my daughter. When she was a little girl I saw her playing in the vineyards and now that she is beside me sharing my passion, I feel like I’m walking on clouds.

Virzì is a unique place and by mutual agreement with nature and land, we decided to bring it to the world.

Our Comics

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