I will describe you the cellar through my eyes.
There is no cellar without harvest and there is no harvest without controlled yield. We enter from a great green door and we see a 30 metres corridor with cement vats on left and right.

I understand that this looks like a concrete company advertise, but it was actually built according to the French early 900 trend. The concrete vats were renovated after the 1968 earthquake and they are under constant maintenance. I perfectly remember the first vinification and the first attempts in the ‘90s.

I started by renovating 4 of these vats, 170 hl each. I cooled the must with a little exchanger powered by a fridge and I spent my nights in the cellar, checking the temperature.

The year after the vats became 8 and I inserted temperature controlling plates…can you imagine my happiness when I did not have to sleep in the cellar anymore?

Nowadays all 27 vats are renewed and I added stainless steel vats to stock smaller quantities. Nero d’Avola, Cabernet and Sole dei Padri’s syrah are now in 225lt barriques and 25 hl barrels.

This is the place I live, during harvest and during the whole year.

I must confess that living in front of the cellar I sometimes sneak inside during the evening and take a few bottles, to check the refining of the bottles.