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The day after …..

There is always ” the day after “ : the day after the first grade, [...]

Il Nostro Rosato

I have seen and heard things that you humans can’t immagine! I have seen an [...]

Catarratto Bio 2021 (Sicilian Lands Igp)

Catarratto Bio 2021 (Sicilian Lands Igp) “Wine for those who want to drink a good [...]

The embarrassment of producing only one wine

Sometimes producers are slightly embarrassed when they read the technical sheets of the wines they [...]

Organic wine

“Organic” is a term that we read more and more often today when it comes [...]

Gold Leaf Award in the 2022 Bio Guide for the 2016 Merlot Schietto

We are happy and proud of the “Foglia d’Oro” award received by Schietto Merlot 2016 [...]

Virzì: generous land, makes generous wines.

The starting point for these lines is the analysis, still unofficial, of our Principe N [...]

The myth of the second sip

You are pouring wine into the glass, smell it, turn it in the glass and [...]

Among the good intentions of the new year, in first place, there is to respect the wine and who will drink it

When I produce wine, I do it for myself because in this way I will [...]

Awards and scores in the Guides of our wines in 2021

Despite having been a difficult year, especially due to the difficulties and uncertainties associated with [...]