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Here we are! The veraison is the signal that starts the waiting. How will the harvest be?

In Virzì it is time for veraison. For some days we have been observing the [...]

Our work nature: zero kilometer and craftsmanship

Is it important to ask yourself how a bottle of wine is born? Are there [...]

Don Pietro Rosato 2019 pleasantness and versatility

Increasingly appreciated both on the Italian and foreign markets, rosé wines grow steadily, year after [...]

Principe G 2018, a gourmet white wine capable of aging

It’s the Grillo of Virzì, the white wine that expresses the specific and non-reproducible characteristics [...]

Don Pietro Bianco 2020, the spirit of our tradition

Don Pietro is for us the white wine of tradition, a blend of Grillo and [...]

The tractor helped me

Maybe not everyone has driven a tractor in their life so I’ll start with a [...]

Do you remember when?

How many times have we heard these words and how many will we hear them [...]

Natural? Normal!!!

Natural ? Normal !!! A common topic today concerns the production of natural wines. Everyone [...]

Being in touch with the place where you live

You’re born with an idea…no, I don’t believe so You’re born with a desire to [...]

The importance of the cork

We talked about land, methods to reuse each product provided by nature, renewable energy and [...]