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Gold Leaf Award in the 2022 Bio Guide for the 2016 Merlot Schietto

We are happy and proud of the “Foglia d’Oro” award received by Schietto Merlot 2016 [...]

Gold Medal for Schietto Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 At Emotions From The World

The Schietto Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 wins the Gold Medal at the 17th edition of Emozioni [...]

There is a place in Sicily

There is a place in Sicily, a district, and it’s called Virzì. Virzì is located [...]

The tractor helped me

Maybe not everyone has driven a tractor in their life so I’ll start with a [...]

Being in touch with the place where you live

You’re born with an idea…no, I don’t believe so You’re born with a desire to [...]

Thought for Merlot Week

Our Merlot has arrived. It is as we wanted it, an important wine that joins [...]