12 January 2011


Good morning to everyone.
This is an important letter to communicate to you an important news.
Maybe I'll  go to Paradise, maybe I'll get the  "three glasses", maybe I’ll
receive a lot of points on the international reviews, because in 2010 I've
produced a wine from selected grapes, following the dictates of a biological
practice and so now for everyone I’m a Natural Wine Producer.
If this news could be known to everyone, the person  who spread it  could
falsify the reality since I’ve  always respected plants and type of land and
only now I’ve managed to cultivate 95 hectares of vineyard  only using sulfur
and copper.

Believe me,  because of  the exposure and the different altitudes it wasn’t
easy. I’d had more fear to failure and not be able to produce perfectly healthy
grapes in my wineries  and,  only when it was necessary, I've used systemic

Do you know the real reason that led me to dare and risk?
Do you really think that my wine will be better?
 Has anyone ever experienced trouble drinking,  today or before,  Spadafora’s
I make this decision because I desire, more and more, to respect the  land that
gives me these fruits  and gifts.
 I never thought that the wine will be better .
All times when it’s possible, I drink, also alone,  one glass of Spadafora’s
wine and I never had any kind of  problem. The current message that today is
issued about natural wine is distorted because  natural wine really means
Growing grapes under  organic management respecting the environments in which it
is cultivated is something considerably different. The environment around me is
not composed only about lands but also sun and so  I  thought using the sun’s
rays to produce  energy to run the refrigerators that I need to cool the grapes
and the plates  where temperature-controlled fermenting musts. I talk about
energy produced  by a photovoltaic system. Using this system I don’t think I’ll
receive medals, merits and  honors but I hope to have made more compatible life
all around me…

These  are news I love to communicate to you since I became more courageous  and
so my life quality has definitely   improved.


Francesco Spadafora