Spadafora is a noble Sicilian family whose first historical records date back to 1230. During the centuries, the House dominated over five principalities, a dukedom, two marquisates, a shire and twenty-five baronies. Some of the members of the Family had prestigious offices during the ‘Regno di Sicilia’ and in some European Countries.

The founder of Azienda Agricola Spadafora is Don Pietro Spadafora, who inherited the estate from the uncle Michele De Stefani, talented farmer and racehorse breeder.

The estate was damaged by the 1968 earthquake, but Don Pietro manages to rebuild and redevelop the company, retraining the autochthonous vines and bringing to Sicily international grapes, for high quality wines.

The current owner is Francesco Spadafora, son of Don Pietro, accompanied by his daughter Enrica.

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