Our wines are made with our grapes exclusively, harvested in Virzì county (Monreale area, cadastral map sheet 142), in the land surrounding the estate that we define our garden.
The cultivation cycle begins shortly after harvesting, after the first rains in order to prepare the ground for sowing the field bean.
We sow the field bean a row every two trellis and on specific soils we disperse the exhausted marc of the harvest.

We row 80ql per hectare of field bean. We will shredded and buried it at the beginning of spring to bring organic substance and nitrogen, generating a massive supply of biomass to the soil. This process will also create plant cover of the soil so as to contain erosion and partial control of infestations.

In spring, we work the soil with a light cultivator, an agricultural practice that replaces traditional plowing.

At the end of March the buds will be opened and we’ll select them by eliminating the duplicates, in order to have two bunches of grapes from a single branch.

The vines of the same variety were planted in different conditions , in order to be able to work them in different times , as well as the other plants of different varieties.
Once the leaf wall is created, it must be managed manually to have the shoots rising perpendicular to the plant. This will help the clusters to have the right space to grow.
When the veraison starts , 40 days before the harvest, a further selection is made to determine which bunches will arrive at collection.

The veraison corresponds to the start of fruit ripening, characterized by a change of color that gradually goes from the original green towards the characteristic color.
15 days before the harvest we start to check the grapes in order to understand the
progress and the times of the harvest. We proceed every 4/5 days to check how acids will decrease and how sugars increase according to the analysis, following the trend up to the optimal ratio for the wine to be obtained.

At this point we will start harvesting the grapes that are ready.