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Traditionally recommended

I will guide you to the theater for a play written over time, perhaps timeless, [...]

The value of time

Wine is a unique, living product that has the ability to transform itself by evolving [...]

A sign of ​​hope

This blog will rappresent an idea of ​​hope for the next 2021 and, for this [...]

Pruning therapy

Pruning because it represents the future and because it helps nourish the lives of family [...]

Christmas in small groups?

Let’s play with the colors of the wine. Remembering Christmas. One of the first thing [...]

Something personal…

This is the first wine I ever made. Don Pietro rosso.But 2016 is a particularlyfine [...]

Virzì: the importance of the place

Wine is probably the only product able to tell us a territory directly in a [...]

The Grillo through time: The pleasure of ageing

Vertical tasting of 6 Grillo vintages We made it ! Despite the difficulties due to [...]

The wines of Schietto line

Organic farming, very low yields and targeted choices both in the vineyard and in the [...]

Catarratto, Principe G, Don Pietro white e Don Pietro rosé: organic wines, pleasantness for the summer.

Fresh, fragrant, pleasant, but above all organic, healthy, and authentic.This are our wines for the [...]