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Principe G 2018, a gourmet white wine capable of aging

It’s the Grillo of Virzì, the white wine that expresses the specific and non-reproducible characteristics [...]

Don Pietro Bianco 2020, the spirit of our tradition

Don Pietro is for us the white wine of tradition, a blend of Grillo and [...]

Catarratto 2020, our first release of the new harvest

It’s fresh, spontaneous, suitable for any moment of the day. It is our Catarratto, the [...]

The tractor helped me

Maybe not everyone has driven a tractor in their life so I’ll start with a [...]

Do you remember when?

How many times have we heard these words and how many will we hear them [...]

Natural? Normal!!!

Natural ? Normal !!! A common topic today concerns the production of natural wines. Everyone [...]

Being in touch with the place where you live

You’re born with an idea…no, I don’t believe so You’re born with a desire to [...]

Thought for Merlot Week

Our Merlot has arrived. It is as we wanted it, an important wine that joins [...]

Cooking looking around

Often cooking, as well as wine, is seen as something that not everyone can do, [...]

The difference between vintage and old.

Vintage is memory, memories of a previous life lived by you or by others; when [...]