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What kind of bio will it be?
What kind of bio will it be?

The demand for organic products rises up every day and in recent years, for us producers, the rush for "healthy" products is characterized by a greater attention during production, a constant monitoring of the natural balance of the vineyard and the surrounding environment. Sicily is among the Italian regions that have a relevant role in the bio area, as stated in all the news. In recent days Ansa reported the news that this week the EU Commission will present to the members a regulation that introduces new and more strict limits to the use of copper sulfate, Bordeaux mixture and similar. As it’s known, verdigris is a substance not only authorized in organic farming, but in some cases it is essential for the treatment of fungi and bacteria. Organic viticulture cannot replace it with synthetic substances. The current license of copper compounds expires in January 2019 and, according to authoritative sources, on the 19th and the 20th of July the Commission will propose a renewal of authorization for 5 years with reduction of the usage limits from 6 to 4 kg per hectare per year. The EU executive is also considering canceling the flexibility granted by the current regulations, according to which it is possible to 'spread' the threshold over five years (30 kg / ha) so as to be able to 'recover' the product that was not used during years that was not required. A mechanism largely used in Italy, especially in the northern regions in the years with heavy rains, where the pressure of fungi and bacteria in the vineyards is stronger. For the French organic winemakers, the Commission proposal jeopardizes important productions, which is why they sent a large dossier to the Paris government asking for the commitment to uphold the current rules. (Sources of Ansa and Giornale di Sicilia).

Our company is part of the FIVI (Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers), a federation that has always been sensitive to the environment and to the health of the consumers.FIVI partners out of two works in biological or biodynamic regime, with a marked growth trend. It is therefore essential that at the European Commission meeting the people representing Italy will express a contrary opinion to the new proposals and fight to maintain the current dose of 6 kg per hectare on the average of 3 years, while waiting for the research to find valid alternatives to the use of copper in the vineyard.

The reduction of verdigris for those who make bio wine is a big problem indeedIt is not the amount of copper, if in the quantities established by the organic regulations, that penetrates into the earth to poison the soil, but rather the systemic and chemical treatments.

The question is, what will happen to Italian productions if new and more strict limits to the use of verdigris are approved? What kind of bio will it be?


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