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Current vintage?
Current vintage?

What does it mean drinking a ‘current vintage’?

How many times did we hear asking for ‘the latest vintage of that wine’’, taking for granted that the label would show the past year vintage?

Well, maybe it’s totally wrong, maybe not, but normally tha past vintages should be better than the current ones.

In the picture you can see the oldest bottle in the world, found in Germany and dating back to 350 dc. This is of course not what you mean by ‘past vintage’, just a trivia to understand when to drink a current vintage and when an older one. Basically we need to know the story of that wine, if red or white, producing area and who bottled it. All this is useful to understand if we can pop the bottle immediately or it’s just better to wait. Normally it is easier to let age a red wine according always to the producing area, because of its organoleptic properties. Knowing the producing place and the company helps knowing what you are drinking, if you trust the people behind that bottle. This blog obviously promotes our wines, but it’d be eanough for you to ask our guests how it feels drinking a 98, 2000 or 2002 wine without feeling ‘old’.

I hope this might help.

Francesco Spadafora


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