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BIO to the core
BIO to the core

A couple of months ago, on our way to the Montpellier trade show, we met a wine producer of the Avignone area and, during the 35 trip from downtown to the exhibition center, we’ve been talking a bit about the great attention developing, in France as well, about producers of organic wines.

She was telling me how much the final customer in France pays attention to what is stated on the label, including the famous green leaf.

Relieved by sharing those common thoughts, I get to the fair, sure that I will perceive this attention for what we eat, starting from the food I will find when my stomach will ask me for energies.

But I was wrong.

My neighbour was selling a very sweet BIO wine, that nothing shared with the organic philosophy and ethic, and the sandwiches been sold in that area, that had nothing ‘green’ inside, and no vegetarian alternative. All this pulled me back in the crude reality: the path for BIO is a lonely road that goes on and on, quite too often today this road still deviates for easier and more commercial paths.


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