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Naturally bio: an export philosophy
Naturally bio: an export philosophy

Prowein Dusseldorf, one of the most important international exhibitions, is about to start, from 19 to 21 March and a reflection about BIO  and natural is required. Because ‘’Naturally BIO’’ is the philosophy we spread, before actual wine tasting.
We have chosen to produce under organic cultivation, and we know we are not the only ones. But our ‘green’ efforts don’t end with avoiding chemicals. We do, in fact, respect the land and the plants, we avoid ‘’squeezing’ them and make them suffer, we use the right amount of grapes to keep the land healthy. The harvest is manual and it gets in the cellar slowly and safe, already selected. In the cellar we work in a safe and clean environment, we pay a lot of attention in every single step of the wine making process. Fermentation happens naturally, once again, on a pied de cuve.
This is basically what we do: we try to make the land express herself inside the bottle and then inside the glass! This is what we’ll get to the ProWein, please find us in Hall 16, Area Sicilia, Stand 32.



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