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Slim's Guinguette
Slim's Guinguette

I would like to talk to you about Slim, in Cesenatico, because it has a cute look, wise eyes and hands that work well.  Slim has a small restaurant, he is 64 years old, I seem to remember, he lost his partner years ago, but he owns something that goes beyond what you often find around. Slime decides his working day, not others. Decides what he will eat, who to sit with and what to drink.Slim makes me think about those characters of the old cowboy movies were the good one won, not because he was the best but because he was the smartest.

To decide  your own moments makes me think about a Zen key principle:

Who is a master in the art of living makes no distinction between work and free time, between  mind and body, neither between its own education and religion.

But this will be the subject of another future blog.


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