Sole dei Padri 2012: Many important awards. Satisfaction and pride

It is not produced every vintage and we present it when we believe it is ready. It is the Sole dei Padri ( Sun of the Fathers ), our most important Syrah; the wine that we waited for a long time and that we then taste and taste again over the years, following the long evolution that this wine has. The 2012 vintage, the one currently on the market, arrives after the 2009 and, in our opinion, is one of the best versions of the Sole, if not even the best. The long wait paid off. And not only for us, but also for the trade press which awarded Il Sole dei Padri 2012 with important awards.

The guidesa

Veronelli Guide: Three Gold Stars, which represent the excellence of Italian production and are attributed to wines that have obtained a score equal to or higher than 94 cents.

Bibenda Guide (Italian Sommelier Foundation): 5 bunches, the highest recognition. It is assigned to wines with a rating from 91 to 100, according to the Italian Sommelier Foundation method.

Doctor Wine’s Essential Guide to Italian Wines: 96 cents and “Faccino”, the prize given to wines with a score of at least 95 cents.

Guida Vitae (Italian Sommelier Association): Four vines, the recognition given to top wines, the best in Italy tasted during the year, those that have achieved a score ranging from 91 cents and above.

The competitions

Syrah du Monde: it is an international competition between the best Syrah in the world. In the 2023 edition, held in Ampuis in France, the 2012 Sole dei Padri won the Silver Medal (only 7 Italian Syrahs were awarded)

Read also the thoughts of the producer, Francesco Spadafora, regarding the Sole dei padri 2012