Francesco Spadafora: “It’s not the little green leaf on the label that makes a wine organic.”

We are excited to share a highly significant article written by ‘Cronache di Gusto’ about our company.

This article reflects our philosophy and commitment to the production of authentic and organic wines, far beyond a label.

Francesco Spadafora, alongside Luigi Salvo, Delegato Ais Palermo, and Federico Latteri, a journalist from Cronache di Gusto, recently participated in a masterclass at the Palermo Botanical Garden. This event was an extraordinary opportunity to explore the true essence of organic, moving beyond conventions and certifications.

Francesco Spadafora emphasizes that organic is much more than a ‘green leaf’ on a label; it is a philosophy that we embrace wholeheartedly. We use extremely limited amounts of sulfites, well below the limits required for organic certification because we believe in respecting the land and producing wines that represent the best of our region.

The ‘Cronache di Gusto’ article highlights the disparity between companies seeking only certification and those that embrace organic as a corporate culture. This distinction is crucial to us, as we believe that the true quality of organic wines should stem from a deep commitment rather than a mere label.

We invite our readers to read the full article on ‘Cronache di Gusto’ to discover how our company embodies the authentic essence of organic, beyond the label.

Francesco Spadafora: “Non è la fogliolina verde in etichetta che rende un vino bio”