Principi di Spadafora, looking to the future of wine tourism with a focus on millennials.

Wine tourism and a look at millennials, potential and upcoming consumers, the challenge is to create valuable experiences to intrigue them and make them capable of choosing what to drink.

This is, in summary, the view of the future of Enrica Spadafora, a 27-year-old Sicilian winemaker who joined her family’s business four years ago. The estate is located in the hills between Alcamo and Camporeale, and Enrica divides her time between Palermo, where she was born and raised, and the family estate in Virzì. In addition to her passion for wine, she inherited her father’s green ethics, which is at the heart of the production philosophy of the Principi di Spadafora company, and she has the delicate task of communicating these values, especially to the younger generation. She uses social networks, her generation’s favorite tool, to do so. Another sector she is involved in is export, which allows her to travel the world to promote Sicilian wine and satisfy her great passion for travel.

Her story is important, linked to love and respect for the land, and a generational passage that may seem complex in these times but is simply based on the heart. A few days before leaving for Vinitaly in Verona, Enrica prepares to face one of the most important appointments in the wine sector. “This year the company is celebrating its 30th anniversary,” says Enrica Spadafora, “and we will present our new ‘talking’ labels in Verona. We call them that because they represent the craftsmanship and selection we dedicate to our products. Also, to stay in line with our bio philosophy, we will release our bottles, made with lighter glass, from plastic capsules.” The new wines are eagerly awaited, including the classic method from grillo grapes (Enrica Spadafora brut nature) and Il Sole dei Padri, which are selected and only released in the best vintages.

“I have no doubts that I have brought marketing and new commercial strategies and an international vision to the company,” continues the Sicilian winemaker. “Above all, I am working on enhancing hospitality and the entire wine tourism sector. My generation is very attentive to sustainability, and this has always been a strong point of connection with my father. Sustainability is a topic that needs to be developed 360 degrees, concerning the land and everything that goes into the bottle.”

Photo: Paola Schillaci/Az Agr. Spadafora

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