vino bianco biologico Dei Principi di Spadafora
A news year has started and we have to think that something is going to change.
Often the desire to write or to tell something, is inspired by many little things: for example the place where you are, our work environment, from what you read or listen.
Sometimes you already have them in you and you just need to let them out.
“ The first coffee of the day”  by Toshikazu Kawaguchi was what I needed to remind me how much it is worth living the present .
I can only take from my everyday life and what I feel that we just started the new year with new wines that will carry around a part of ourselves.
Catarratto, Don Pietro bianco, Nostro Rosato, are not only names but labels with a lot of history.
When we talk about future, I think about the path you have taken, earth’s response and your complicity with the senses .
In the future there will be a glass, the opportunity to travel and tell those stories that start from afar but, still passing from the present .
When you turn a grape into wine the first question to ask is if you respected yourself, if you did everything you wanted to do without discounting hypocrisy and if, in the end, you like what you did, because this is part of the stories you will tell around.
You don’t want to convince anyone; white is white even if it tends to be more intense because it has macerated a little with the skins.
Rosato has a more intense color because, while not macerating with the skins, the grape has a more intense color. I close my eyes and listen to its aromas.
These will be the stories of 2023, always with a smile to tomorrow, taking by the hand that little stress of everyday life but happy with what you did to be able to tell it.
Making wine is a bit like writing a book because, after reading it, you can give it as a gift, you can talk about it, you can keep it for reading in a few years and you can tell others but you also have another chance , close your eyes , awaken your senses and imagine yourself in the places where perfumes take you.