The pleasure of cleaning a 1.70 meter’s plant

It’s difficult to explain, just in words, the physical and mental pleasure, in cleaning and removing the bark without thinking of when it was small .
The evolution of a plant tells a lot about your life and all the people you have had around; some gone away, some changed place but you are still there and you can feel you have to clean it for her pleasure.
This is a very important aspect because when you clean it , you share the sensations and it almost seems that the plant is happy to be clean.
The plant must be cleaned by hand because you have to feel it and you have to remove what is nestled under the old bark to get rid of parasites and mushrooms hidden in the meantime.
I understand that I can sound strange a whole blog about cleaning a plant but you would have to be there and touch the trunk of the plant clean to really understand it.
Satisfaction to have brought it to that full height, satisfaction in seeing the color of the plant that is hidden under the bark, satisfaction in cleaning it and remove how much it is nestled under the old skin and satisfaction, then, in seeing the new healthy gems that will open in a few months.
We didn’t find anything because once it was a job that you did but then the frenzy of daily work has made it a job that you postponed to different times, but when you cut a time for this you enjoy.
Those are small privileges.
Francesco Spadafora