Sole dei padri 2012

Dei Principi di Spadafora Sole dei Padri 2012
The best description we can give of the 2012 vintage : many faces of the same sun. 
I’ve always dreamed of producing a wine that has so much to say that it will confuse you while tasting it, because it’s not just a sip but infinite moments of your life.
While smelling it, you will remember the endless races on the land, so soft that you could sink into it.
The smell of morning dew comes to mind when it begins to cool.
In your mouth like a soft touch but a hint of alcohol that will brings you back to a fruit salad of your favorite fruits, your favorite fruits.
It amazes its softness and its desire to go forward, not in a hurry but with a gentle step; as if he wanted to remain suspended between the various sensations that have reached you in the meantime.
Never ask a producer which wine is his favorite, which represents him, or give the most satisfaction.
If someone asked me which wine I dream to produce, I would reply that the road is traced and that I won’t be disappointed.