Harvest 2022

Sicily Harvest 2022

A wise friend of mine one day told me “we just need to be liked , we don’t have to impress anyone because with this approach we will not try to be someone we cannot be“.

We don’t produce wines that appeal to all palates because it would be like asking the desert to produce so much water to transform it into a savannah.

However, we have the ability to listen the land where we grow our plants, we have the ability to know every corner and plant the best plants for that corner of the earth.

We buy our plants in France not because we want them to speak French but because those who produce them have our same philosophy.

I notice it every harvest, I notice it when I taste the musts thinking of them as wine, I notice it when I taste the old vintages and I thank every morning for the land I walk on.

They will ask me what I think of the 2022 vintage and my answer will be, as always, the same : give me some time and I will tell you why it should be tasted and re-tasted.f one thing I am already certain, our products are the sons of the land.

Elegant and deep, that should only please those who dedicate a moment of their day to recognize its details and smile without surprising because the amazement lasts a moment while the pleasure can last a lifetime.