Let’s talk about the harvest 2022

Vendemmia 2022 in Sicilia il racconto

Sometimes is more important the feeling you have when people drink you wines, than what you feel while making them.

Here we are, we are officially harvesting.

We are harvesting those grapes that we have seen growing all year and imagined since pruning.

We had left 6 buds on the fruiting head and 2 on the spur to renew the plant the following year.

We saw the buds open and form small clusters, creating the right space for them to grow undisturbed in the shade of the green leaves.

We have seen the berries grow in size and we have cultivated the land according to the needs of the plants.

We used the minimum necessary of sulfur and copper to prevent harmful diseases, that would have made the plant and its fruits sadder .

Gently prepare its pie de cuvé, a base that will allow the fermentation to begin in 4 days, that after a soft press will be added to the entire mass so that it can begin its transformation.

The initial sugars, at a cool temperature, will turn into alcohol, depending on how many were at the beginning. All to be able to arrive at the end at the wine miracle.

We look forward all year for this but, surely, the greatest satisfaction will be when others will drink it.

It will take time, the right attention, the right sensitivity to makes it evolve in the container you will use: concrete or steel tanks or large barrels but, sooner or later, it’s time will come.

First we will drink it several times, we will open bottles from a few years earlier to understand what we have managed to do but, as always, we will respect it because it is still the son of the same cellar.

It must be expressive and have a taste of its own to be able to give those emotions that will remain impressed while drinking it.

This is a story that repeats every season and that we still manage to write year after year.