The day after …..

vino biologico siciliano

There is always ” the day after “ : the day after the first grade, the day after the first kiss, the day after the first punishment and the day after the first compliment. Today is the day after my last wine fair.

I saw a man, a man who came from Malta that I had met last time fifteen years ago and I did not remember him. Fifteen years ago that market was not ready for our wines but now it is and after all this years we can start over.

The day after a wine fair you remember the faces of your friends, the pleasure of seeing your friends again, the eyes of those who tasted your wines.

The fair is a place for public relations and no one would ever say that the wines are not good so you try to capture all the details ; an eye that closes, the chin that goes up and down and a look towards the infinite and you.

I saw Thierry, my friend from Bordeaux, and also Christophe and Elisabetta again; I saw them again as we all sit in a living room to share the time spent together , celebrating with a glass of Christophe’s Champagne or a glass of Thierry’s Bordeaux or a Elisabetta’s Vernaccia for remember our many days later.

The memory of the next day does not fade a few days later because you look and look at the business cards, see what they tasted and think about that wine and how to do better because then, the goal is always the same.

Understanding from the many days later how to have more !!!

Francesco Spadafora