Il Nostro Rosato

Vino rosato prestigioso

I have seen and heard things that you humans can’t immagine!

I have seen an artichoke producer buying artichokes that were no longer edible, with their large blue flower, explaining that they can give off their scent at home and that people can use it as an herbal tea.

I saw at the market people selling beans for peas because there are more peas inside the bean pod.

I have seen cucumbers sold for zucchini and heard that the color of a rosé wine, in the southern Mediterranean, has a barely hinted pink .

It is clear that there are red grapes that have more anthocyanins present in the skin than others and it is clear that a more mature grape has a different color from the same grape harvested before. It is also clear that the color is influenced by the skin contact, that can be very fast or not.

Il Nostro Rosato, as we decided to call it starting from the 2020 vintage, has these characteristics that come out of a blind tasting:

Colour: in the glass we observe a deep pink, an eloquent color that anticipates what will later confirm the taste.

Nose: fine and intense bouquet in which hints of fresh fruit such as cherry, strawberry and red currant are embellished with a floral note. The spontaneity and fragrance of the perfumes are evident, as well as the harmony that makes the nose particularly intriguing.

Palate: very fresh and agile, but also full thanks to a good structure and an intense and fruity taste. A lively energy animates the progression of the sip that leads to a savory and decidedly long finish. It is always pleasant and easy to drink.

Conclusions: it is a particularly intense and complete rosé that stands out for the perfect combination of freshness, body and aromatic intensity.
The acid-sapid balance is the key to the wine, the basis of its great drinkability.
Another important element is the versatility in food pairings which is already remarkable, but can be increased by varying the temperatures (this rosé can be drunk cold, but also fresh from the cellar).

Cork : Nomacorc Select Green 300
Alcohol: 12,5 %
Serving temperature: 10-13 °C
Drink now through 2024

Recommended glass: tulip-shaped glass of medium size (eg: Riedel Riesling)