Catarratto Bio 2021 (Sicilian Lands Igp)

Vino Bianco Biologico Catarratto

Catarratto Bio 2021 (Sicilian Lands Igp)

“Wine for those who want to drink a good and authentic wine without complicating their life too much “ this is the description made about our Catarratto by those who taste our wines.

Let’s start from there: good, we hope so, but it is always subjective so let’s go further.

Authentic, yes! Because memory is not enough to remember the Catarratto on our hills.

The wine that can be drunk without stressing about it, that will make you feel in a field of white flowers .

There are wines that I would define as “necessary”, those wines that make you forget where you are, who you are with or what time it is, when you drink them. This are the wines that make you happy without engaging your mind.

We are often used to dissecting our sip and seeing it projected forward to a food pairing but , by doing that , we forget that feeling the taste of fresh grapes is the first characteristic in a glass of wine.

Color: medium lemon-green. It testifies to the youthful and immediate character of the wine.

Nose: clean and immediate with intense and well-defined aromas: white and yellow pulp fruit with fresh peach and pear in evidence, then a floral hint, a citrus note of grapefruit and finally a herbaceous hint. The naturalness of the perfumes is an invitation to drink without hesitation.

Palate: fresh, lean, linear and well balanced. It stretches neatly from start to finish, making it very pleasant. The game between the gustatory intensity, a certain pulpiness that recalls the grapes of origin and a lively acidity that accompanies the sip, giving it momentum and energy, is intriguing. The finish is long and refreshing.

Conclusions: it is a direct and immediate white wine with precise expressive characteristics deriving from the high quality of the raw material.
You can hear the grapes! This vintage gave us a great version of Catarratto, perhaps the best ever since it manages to combine the usual drinkability with a particularly intense and defined aromatic framework. It is suitable for any occasion and at any time of the day. For those who want to drink a good and authentic wine without complicating their life too much.

Cork: Nomacorc Select Green 300
Alcohol: 12 %
Serving temperature: 10-11 °C
Drink now through 2025
Recommended glass: tulip-shaped glass of medium size (eg: Riedel Riesling)