The embarrassment of producing only one wine

Produttore siciliano di vino biologico

Sometimes producers are slightly embarrassed when they read the technical sheets of the wines they produce, reviewed by professional tasters because we ask ourselves how we managed to highlight all these nuances.
Those who cultivate like us, those who have planted their grapes with the right exposure and the right height, have only one concern : getting the grapes in perfect condition in the cellar.
Cultivating the land organically is a resource that stimulates you to have an almost maniacal attention in grape cultivation because you certainly don’t want to be the one who ruins it.
On the other hand you can only listen nature.
I leave the fruit, the lively acidity, the very captivating crunchiness to you in the technical sheet that you can find under my writing:

Colour: it’s a beautiful medium ruby.

Nose: it is characterized by intensity and spontaneity with aromas of black cherry, ripe plum, strawberry, delicate hints of Mediterranean bush and a spicy touch. The optimal level of maturity gives the fruit a very captivating crunchiness.

Palate: the sip is smooth, dynamic, balanced and endowed with lively acidity with a taste dominated by fruit and a good consistency which, however, is never excessive. Delicately velvety, gentle tannins (as we rightly expect from a Nero d’Avola), which will become softer and softer over time. The finish is fruity and a little savory.

Conclusions: sincere and direct, it shows us the varietal character of Nero d’Avola with its liveliness and the radiance of Sicily, distinguishing itself for an uncommon freshness in reds of this type. It is an intense wine, but at the same time easy to drink that lends itself to many food pairings. It is really difficult to find a context for which it is not suitable .

Cork: Nomacorc Select Green 300

Alcohol: 13 %

Serving temperature: 16-18 °C

Drink now through 2026

Recommended glass: red wine glass with a slightly narrower opening (eg: Riedel Syrah)