Virzì: generous land, makes generous wines.

vino biologico da vigneto siciliano

The starting point for these lines is the analysis, still unofficial, of our Principe N 2019. 

The wine I’m refiring to, at the moment, is still in the tank, periodically checked, and it will soon be bottled. 

As we know it is a Nero d’Avola harvested in two moments, on the 9th and 11th of September 2019 from grapes destined for this bottle . 

Virzì, our land, can be explained in a few words: a generous land that produces grapes with great taste and structure but that maintains a surprising freshness, transmitting it to the wine then produced. 

More specifically, the following:
Alcohol 13.10, ph 3.30, acidity 5.50, so2 free 12, so2 total 23 and net extract 28.10 .

As a premise to my reasoning I remind everyone that all the wines we produce perform full malolactic fermentation.

To transport you even further into our cellar, I will make a clear and simple example.

These analyses reflect the characteristics of a good athlete: slender but powerful, not excessive muscles but snappy, so as to have a low alcohol content and an acidity that determines it to be snappy but, at the same time, powerful enough to have 28.10 of net extract.

This is Virzì, not only a generous land but a land that vibrates and transmits that energy that tends to produce unique wines in this territory.

Prince N, for us, is one of those wines that introduces the Spadafora philosophy: organic, sustainable, direct, honest. A wine with characteristics often not comparable to its category, a wine with structure and strength, such as to make happy those who buy it and those who drink it.