The myth of the second sip

organic wine
You are pouring wine into the glass, smell it, turn it in the glass and take the first sip.
Stop for a moment, look at the glass, admire the color, the different nuances and the story of the second sip begins; from there a new world opens up to you.
The second sip takes you back in time when you weren’t drinking wine but you were curious to smell all the aromas of the food, of the nature that surrounded you.
The second sip is what determines a wine.
It is an aspiration.
Sometimes you close your eyes for a second just to concentrate better but it can also happen that you feel the same sensations at the first sip but still want to go further because something still doesn’t fell complete.
What makes the second sip so special?
It activates your memory , but we already said it, it projects you into the unique world of the senses.
Only great wines transmit the second sip and, in my experience, it usually doesn’t happen in young wines because it needs to complete its cycle.
The temperature of the wine can affect your experience as well as the type of glass but if a wine has the second sip, sooner or later, it will come out.
It goes beyond your state of mind because it is much more overbearing and enters you with its determination.

You can’t establish while you are making the wine, to be able to tell it you have to wait.

The second sip is a bit like the metaphor of life.