Among the good intentions of the new year, in first place, there is to respect the wine and who will drink it

buon vino biologico Siciliano
When I produce wine, I do it for myself because in this way I will be sure that it will also be appreciated by others or, at least I hope so.
A year has flown by; It could have past slower, so we could have lived it without stress and all the insecurities of the following days. We suffered it and are now ready for 2022. We have often suffered it and now we are ready for 2022.
Meanwhile, we are ready to be there as a good resolution, ready to continue to express who we are and what we do without ifs and buts, ready to confront each other but determined not to change direction.
We started pruning, which is the first act of a new life. Pruning a plant and seeing the buds that will be open in a few months has marked our life for several decades. In the meantime we will check the wines so that they can be bottled at the right time.
We will continue to experiment to understand the margins to improve ourselves, without being taken by the fear of flying.
We will continue to talk about our organic philosophy, not because someone requests it but because we believe that any form of food, liquid or solid, must be respectful of our body.
We will work in the vineyards when the weather will allows us and we will plane the future work in the vineyards when the weather will not allows it. We will do everything necessary to participate and share our choices, without arrogance but with pride.
For all this, we are certain that we will continue to write to represent our ideas and tell our stories in a simple and natural way and we will continue to drink our wines because it is certainly the best guarantee to suggest them to others.
Thank you