Desertification, a forgotten idea

Spadafora vino biologico

In the last 20 years, due to the climate changes, a rumor had spread that we would become an extension of the Sahara desert and so we all ran for cover to find all possible logical solutions.

They bought stocks of shorts, an infinite number of caps, water bottles, raised the plants by at least 20 cm from the ground to have more air under the row but, perhaps, they had forgotten to tell us to turn off the television and to connect with the reality.

The last few months we have had to replace the Bermuda shorts with long pants, the hats with the umbrellas and we have had to defoliate the plants to create more air at the height of the bunches.

Farmers are now good at finding the quickest solutions and are not afraid of changes, aware of the instability that characterizes the climate.

Those who live the earth have not gone unnoticed by the disappearance of the Azores anticyclone from the north west, replaced by the humid and often out of place African anticyclone for which anomalous heat out of season, summer storms and tornadoes like those seen from little ones on television in the summer.

Even more important is the concept of organic, natural and sustainable because only by interpreting these changes can we be able to accompany the plants, without making them suffer, until the bunches are fully ripe.

We have set aside the concept of foresight and it has been replaced by the concept of interpretation, but the goal does not change because only by producing healthy grapes can we produce that wine that transmits our identity.