The Scores Of Our Wines On Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate

These are the scores that everyone is waiting for. Acclaimed, criticized, but always followed, Robert Parker with his magazine Wine Advocate, after decades of activity, still represents today a reference for wine lovers and insiders of the markets all over the world. This year we are delighted to find four of our reviewed wines which have been awarded the scores shown below:

Amnesia 92

Schietto Merlot 2016 92

Siriki Syrah 2015 92

Schietto Nero d’Avola 2014 92

4 wines with 92 cents !! And not only. These are different types, obtained with both indigenous and international grape varietis (an eventuality which this year also occurred with other publications). This is the most important thing for us as it gratifies our work at three hundred and sixty degrees.  A sweet wine from indigenous white grape varieties that expresses a strong link with ancient traditions, a red from Merlot, our most important Nero d’Avola and a Syrah without added sulphites are different expressions of the same philosophy that we try to put into practice day by day in Virzì, the place where we cultivate our vineyards and produce our wines.