One glass, two glasses, at least three different glasses

calice di vino bianco biologico

Don’t worry, you do not have to necessarily drink all three glasses but at least take a sip to understand which of the three wines you like.

Have we ever talked about the importance of glasses? many times we have emphasized that every wine should have its glass to be able to taste it at its best; different glasses in shape, width, materials etc …

Few times, however, we focus on the importance, especially for those who learn, of being able to taste more wines in more glasses in order to compare them.
This is how wine shops should work to bring the consumer closer to wine and to point out those differences, which with just one glass would be hard to understand.
Wine in the glass is a great opportunity to increase our senses and to develop that memory that will guide us in life.
The wine exudes aromas, fills your mouth with its nuances, accompanies you with a dish and develops, with its comparisons, the MEMORY.

What could be so interesting about, through glasses of wine, retracing your life and then projecting it into the future?
Remember when years ago you drank that same wine that you are drinking now, years later, with different nuances.

It is incredible how much history there is behind a glass; the history of all those who produce it, who have drunk it and who will drink it.

It is clear that what is written does not want to be an incitement to drink but, of course, it wants to be an incentive to actively participate in what you drink and have the opportunity to have more than one in front of it becomes fundamental.

We would all like to drink healthy, sustainable and develop that critical sense that will help us in the choice of what we will drink and then we will have to play at the table, a cheerful place that helps to share the senses .


Francesco Spadafora