Who marks the time?

Climate and moments are two of those words that affect the life of the farmer and condition it to the point of making the farmer believe that he can intervene by changing the situation.

The farmer of any age is always looking at the sky, measuring the temperatures and he regrets when the climate changes and that affects his moments, leaving him surprised, almost disappointed.

Several times I have told you how important it is to look at the sky, the time, those sensations that are difficult to explain to those who do not live the land at different times of the year.

It has always been said that the countryside relaxes with its slow times … I’m still looking for who, some years ago, spread this rumor around.

When growing in organic farming you know that the year runs fast and you can’t afford to waste a single minute because you never know tomorrow and then they keep talking to me about birds, flowers and sunsets.

For others, the calendar is simple, the year begins on January 1st and ends on December 31st after 365 days. If you ask a farmer the timing of his year, he will not be able to answer you, because he always looks back and forward at the same time and it seems that a year lasts two or three.

When we can, we think about the next two harvests because we leave a spur that will give two buds that will be used for the second year and a fruit-bearing head that will be used for the first year and so the “relaxed” farmer in the meantime continuously projects forward and then comes back.

If I had to write a preface in a text that talks about the approach to agriculture, I would certainly write that to be considered a farmer you must be an athlete, dynamic, awake, ready, stubborn and never satisfied but try to keep control because, my dear farmer, there is no doubt that you are a pawn in a universe that passes through you.

Francesco Spadafora