Andiamo avanti

Moving on is not just the combination of a verb and an adverb but it is a movement that starts from far away, a movement that not only makes your legs move but, above all, gives you the motivation you need to push forward.

Harvest is now over but never archived because what has been done push you forward.

You already think about when these wines will go into someone else’s glass while they will be told about the 2021 harvest.

Technically I will not be doing it because it would be like talking about myself but, free from conditioning, I will be able to declare the reasons that supported one choice rather than another.

Because a Catarratto was harvested at last, to be able to take advantage of the rains to have a low grade and the freshness that someone expects.

Because a Nero d’Avola tastes of fresh fruit in a hot harvest or because the Grillo’s bunch weighed half.

Because a Syrah that tastes of Syrah could be the object of study precisely because it tastes only of Syrah.


Let’s go on because this was only my thirtieth harvest and we are always looking for that something that our senses have not yet smelled.


Moving forward is also looking behind; it is walking on the traces of the past because it is these traces that have animated the progress.


Nature, the countryside have trained us to this continuous movement where everything is repeated in a similar but different way, every year with continuous nuances that you have to grasp and listen to the differences.


Big shoes to go on and brains up to understand where to go.