There is a place in Sicily

vigneto biologico siciliano

There is a place in Sicily, a district, and it’s called Virzì.

Virzì is located between the inland hills of Alcamo and Camporeale, despite this, it is part of the municipality of Monreale from which it is about 45 minutes by car.

You should know Virzì because it is the place where nature has always built its pied a terre; an outpost for those who live in the absence of spaces or simply do not know the nuances of light at various times of the day, alternating with the seasons.

In Virzì we do not grow plants because they grow independently in their environment; we simply support them during the year to get to the fruit and then start over.

Virzì’s companionship is silent, respecting the life of those who live there and mark their daily lives.

Sun, wind and rain alternate as needed without anyone being able to influence them.

You should come and see it because, after attending it you will feel reconciled with your daily life wherever you usually spend your days. You will return, in the city where you live, enriched by this experience.

You could accept it or not, but everyone will understand that you come from Virzì.

There is always a but. There is a necessary starting condition: for everything to happen you have to let yourself be carried away by the sun, the wind and the rain during the changing seasons without prejudice. You have to keep your ears wide open because your well-being has a unique noise that will be externalized by your body expressions.

You should visit Virzì, that place that has always been here and always will be, in time and out of time for all ages and for every moment.