Eliminate the remove

pruduzione siciliana vino biologico senza solfiti da agricultura sostenibile

Learning to eliminate the superfluous is the most important thing if you are making wine.

Superfluous, in this case is also hoping that wine will convince with just the first sip;

That will remain the same for the rest of the bottle.

Just think about why it’s possible to choose one closure for the bottle rather than another one .

The evolution of a bottle also passes through this; aging guides the evolution of a wine, the ability to wait can change the life of a wine.

When you will produce it, you’ll try to prevent how long will it takes for that young wine to turn into adolescence and then into adulthood, then follow it into its maturity.

While drinking, notice the different nuances between one glass and the next one. Always project yourself forward but never forget the first sip, to be able to appreciate the ones that comes after.

Remember the grapes that gave that bottle.
I perfectly remember how I couldn’t read between the lines of the first bottle of Schietto Nero d’Avola limited selection, just because that wine was so different from Syrah or Cabernet.
I couldn’t catch those nuances simply because I didn’t give it time. You have to eat grapes to be able to understand what it will be.

You have to go back and once you have overcome the superfluous, return to the mother grape, finding all this in your glass.

Wine needs a friend, it needs different sensations that are given by the combination with food.

That dish must represent its characteristics, as well as the wine that lives next to it.

You don’t want the superfluous, you want them to go well together and you certainly never want to produce something that is just a colored glass.