The scores of our wines on falstaff

We are happy and proud for the scores assigned to our wines in the Falstaff Sizilien Trophy 2021, the thematic tasting format of Falstaff, a magazine considered by experts to be the most authoritative publication in Central Europe on food, wine and lifestyle. It is distributed in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

4 of our wines have received high ratings which we report below:

It is a particularly important award for us because, in addition to the undisputed value of the scores, it concerns our range of wines as a whole: there is a red obtained from an indigenous grape variety, Nero d’Avola and one obtained from an international grape variety such as Merlot, which also happens for the whites, one from Grillo (Principe G) and the other from Chardonnay.
We are pleased and rewarded a lot because it is our way of interpreting the territory that wins, regardless of the types of wines and grape varieties.