Our work nature: zero kilometer and craftsmanship

Is it important to ask yourself how a bottle of wine is born?
Are there different production methods and philosophies?
Does the link between wine and the land and agriculture still exist or is it becoming more and more unstable?

We want to tell you how we work starting from these questions to invite you to reflect on topics that perhaps nowadays are never explored since the tendency is to rely on commercial logic and advertising, moving away from what is the real nature of wine.
Virzì is the place where we grow our grapes and where we make wine.

Ours is a zero kilometer product because it is made with grapes from vineyards located a few meters from the cellar, because we live here and we constantly follow the vines and because we carry on over the years the same plots from which the wines come: our white from Grillo grapes, the Principe G, will always be the result of certain plots, as well as our reds from Nero d’Avola or Syrah and all the other wines.

The grapes that are vinified are not only exclusively owned, but are the result of a rigorous selection of what our plants produce.
Organic farming has always been a reference for us and certification has come as a natural consequence of our methods, which have always been the same. In the cellar we carry out vinifications with minimal interventions to respect the grapes as much as possible and obtain wines that reflect the uniqueness of the places they come from.
Ours is a very complex job, we carry on an artisanal production based on the continuous care of the vineyards, on our experience and on our sensitivity.

The bond with nature is very strong, as well as the human component. It is a really difficult task, both during the day, when we are among the rows or in the cellar, and at night, when sometimes we can’t sleep thinking about what will happen, what the weather will be or if we have made the right choices…….
In the countryside it is a continuous observation and questioning, even if a lot of things, in the end, do not depend on us.

Ours is a particular winery, a singularity, because in this way we conduct 100 hectares of vineyards, an extended surface, which however must be considered as the sum of many small plots, each of which is cultivated as if it were a garden, taking care of every minimum detail.
It is clear that a type of work that does not include protocols or mechanizations, but which is mainly based on the constant use of human resources, involves higher costs than systems that go towards industrial logics.

On the market the wines will have slightly higher prices, but we must think that behind the “extra euro spent” there is actually a great added value in terms of authenticity, wholesomeness and, in our opinion, also the quality and pleasantness of the wine.
We believe that working without forcing, understanding the physiology of the plant and respecting the integrity of the grapes as much as possible, allows us to obtain a naturalness of expression made up of aromas and flavors that interact better with our senses and match perfectly with the various dishes.
In the next few days we will take you around the vineyards and the winery, telling you and showing you the fundamental stages that will lead us to the harvest.