Don Pietro Rosato 2019 pleasantness and versatility

Increasingly appreciated both on the Italian and foreign markets, rosé wines grow steadily, year after year.
We are witnessing a real rediscovery of the typology by consumers who today, much more than in the past, are looking for easily drinkable wines that are able to give immediate pleasure, to be suitable for any occasion and to be versatile in food pairing. Rosé wines are all this.

They can be distinguished by freshness, aromatic richness, flavor, gustatory intensity and many other characteristics.
There is also an important link with the past, just remember that most of the wines produced by our grandparents for personal consumption made very short macerations and were actually rosé, not red.
We produce a rosé wine from Nero d’Avola grapes, the Don Pietro Rosato.

It is a wine to which we dedicate the utmost attention, the most scrupulous care, from the vineyard to the bottling, exactly as it happens for all our wines. We currently sell the 2019 vintage, a choice gained following repeated tastings that have confirmed the benefits due to the long aging in the bottle: now Don Pietro Rosato is fantastic.

The aromas are more complex and defined, the balance is optimal and the freshness is exciting.The color, deep pink, immediately gives us the idea of having in the glass a wine rich in aromas and flavors. Approaching the nose we perceive clear hints of fresh fruit such as strawberry, currant and cherry, then citrus and a delicate floral hint reminiscent of carnation.
The sip is fresh, lean, intensely fruity, balanced and long.
A moderate softness, the fragrance of the taste and a lively sapidity make it particularly pleasant.
It is the perfect wine for all the seasons, the ideal companion for an aperitif with friends, or the ideal choice for lunch or dinner. You can drink it with marinated prawns, sautéed mussels, dishes with tomato sauce, beef or tuna tartare, vegetable tabbouleh, just to give you some suggestions because the list of dishes would be really long.
Drink it at a temperature of 10-11 ° C to be able to appreciate it to the fullest.

Don Pietro Rosato 2019 has been included in the 50 Top Italy Rosè, the list of the best 50 rosés in Italy which is part of the 50 Top guides, online publications dedicated to the excellence of Made in Italy. An important award that confirms the quality of our wine and fills us with pride.
Our production philosophy aims to obtain healthy and authentic wines capable of faithfully expressing the characteristics of the place of origin, Virzì, the district where we grow our vineyards organically. For this reason the fermentations are spontaneous from pied de cuve and a very small amount of sulfur is added only at the time of bottling (you can see exactly how much sulfur the wine contains from the certificate of analysis on our site).

Our purpose is to give customers a wine that gives great pleasure without being harmful to health. We use corks made with a sugar cane based biopolymer which represent a further guarantee because they eliminate defects such as the “cork smell” and ensure maximum uniformity between the various bottles and a gradual and regular evolution of the wine.
Like all our products, Don Pietro Rosato can be purchased online on our website.