Principe G 2018, a gourmet white wine capable of aging

Principe G vino bianco grillo biologico

It’s the Grillo of Virzì, the white wine that expresses the specific and non-reproducible characteristics of our terroir through the indigenous variety that in the last few years has been providing the most interesting results, both in terms of absolute quality and in terms of the ability to be declined in different types of wine.

The name underlines its uniqueness: it is not a simple white wine from Grillo grapes, but it is Principe G, the essence of a place.
Within our 100 hectares of vineyards there are various parcels of Grillo located in different situations for altitude and exposure. It is an important resource that allows us to have different grapes of the same variety that will be able to give different wines.

The Principe G is obtained from three vineyards, each of which gives certain characteristics that put together will give the result we want: freshness, texture and aromatic richness for a complete wine able to age for years.
The vinification, as always, makes use of spontaneous fermentation from pied de cuve and is followed by a long aging, first in concrete on the noble lees for at least a year and then in the bottle for several months.

We release wines only when they are ready because we want to give our customers a product to drink, not to wait for.
Of course, this does not exclude the possibility of keeping the wine in the cellar as the aging potential is present in all our wines. In this regard, the vertical of Principe G made a few months ago at the winery gave us further confirmations: we went until 2008, finding very good wines ! (link to the article of the vertical).

We add very little sulfur only to the bottling (you can see how much from the certificate of analysis on the site) and we use a cap made with sugarcane-based polymers which is 100% recyclable and has a known permeability to oxygen, in this case less than that of the closures of other white wines, thinking of a longer aging.

The Principe G 2018 offers a very bright color, a lemon-green that already hints at the youth of the wine. It has a fine, intense and clear nose with scents of flowers and wild herbs, aromas of exotic fruit, a salty note and a citrus touch of lime. It conveys freshness and harmony.
The sip is agile, taut, with lively acidity, excellent progression and marked sapidity.
The closure is very long. There is no lack of intensity with a fresh flavor that recalls grapes and the texture that is streamlined by the energy of the momentum.
It is a easy drinkable and, above all, a gourmet white wine, thanks to the versatility in food pairing and the great ability to enhance the flavor of food. Drink it with dishes based on shellfish and crustaceans, fish cooked in various ways, grilled vegetables, appetizers and first courses with citrus or ricotta and whatever you like best.

Like all our wines, Principe G 2018 can be purchased online on our website. We will be happy to add a touch of pleasure to your convivial moments with a glass of wine that we produce with infinite passion.